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●Innovative structure design
●Powerful new bluetooth module
●Tilt survey
●Electronic bubble correct
●Full satellite constellations support
●Intelligent and open platform
●Cloud service
●Advanced data-link module
●NFC function

SOUTH Galaxy G1, new generation integrated RTK system with smaller size and innovative design, leads the direction of new generation RTK with excellent performance, provides high-efficiency and intelligent surveying experience to customers. It isn't simply smaller, it's better in everywhere.


Airbus Releases Elevation Model for Global Orthorectification
12/07/2017 | Administrator
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Airbus Defence and Space has expanded its WorldDEM portfolio with the launch of WorldDEM4Ortho. Tailored for orthorectification of high and very high resolution optical and radar satellite data, World [ ... ]

The Increasing Importance of Satellite-derived Bathymetry
10/07/2017 | Administrator
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Effective Surveying Tool For The Shallow Water Zone  Bathymetric data in the shallow water zone is of increasing importance to support various applications such as safety of navigation, reconn [ ... ]

Digital Image Matching for Easy 3D Modelling
10/07/2017 | Administrator
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New Threat and Opportunity for Professional Surveyors Frédérique Coumans Normally when something is too good to be true, it is not true. But in the case of digital image matching (DIM), professi [ ... ]

GPS accuracy not ‘nearly perfect’
10/07/2017 | Administrator
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Photo credit: When someone utters the words “I’m nearly perfect,” get on your toes. Such self-appraisal usually masks something. It could be insecurity, denial, ignorance or sim [ ... ]

Marte, más tóxico de lo que se creía
10/07/2017 | Administrator
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El ambiente en Marte resulta más tóxico para las formas de vida terrestres de lo que se pensaba, según han demostrado experimentos de científicos de la Universidad de Edimburgo (Esco [ ... ]

Location and context advances in Android
29/06/2017 | Administrator
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Plus Access to Raw GNSS Measurements for All By Steve Malkos
Technical program manager, Google Google’s annual developers conference in May, Google I/O, featured many announcements, accomplishmen [ ... ]

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Our company provides solutions in geomatics (mapping, geography and spatial information) with technology and innovation, equipment and consulting services, with quality standards nationally and internationally.
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